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A world where abilities and disabilities become possibilities.

Go any further whatever would happen

Being behind the scenes, I heard someone wonder about her expressiveness and her diction. I was going to cry in my mouth that it was my child, the child whom the doctors at the time of their prognosis predicted she would not get out of bed and would not develop either physically or intellectually. “These are the statements of Ms. Mariana Budan, mother of Anisoara , Who struggled with the hardships of life and raised his daughter with love so that she would get like all the other children in a general school of culture.

Author: Anastasia SERACIOV

Ms. Budan, specialized teacher and interim director of the primary school “A. Donici “in the town of Cahul and her husband has two daughters whom she loves enormously. Life has made them away from each other at the moment: the bigger daughter is in the US, and her husband is in Israel. Mother with Anisoara stayed home fighting to get her child and other children with disabilities for the right to a normal life.

The first steps

From the first few days after birth, she realized that her baby has serious health problems. She did her best to remove the problem, but she persisted. He hoped that one day everything would be fine. Her family’s expectations were rewarded, and one day when Anisoara turned six, she began to move alone. Of course it made her awkward, but alone. It was an enormous happiness for the Budan family. They hoped it would be much better, but time passed and Ms. Budan understood that it was best to accept the situation as it is and to go ahead. They were grateful to God that he was with them, and they did everything their daughter did not feel different from the others.

The doctor’s advice

“When the age for school came, the doctor proposed us to school the girl in a special institution. We have not thought about it for a moment, “says Mrs. Mariana. For the Buddha family it was inconceivable that their child was somewhere away from them. They decided that their daughter would go to school with all the children. According to the Ministry of Education in the Republic of Moldova, there are two special schools for children with locomotory disabilities with a quota of 367 pupils, whose main objective is the recovery of physical deficiencies and the preparation of children for integration into society. On the other hand there are already hundreds of children with disabilities who attend the general school.

A good solution

According to her mother, 12 years ago there were not similar experiences, but she still found a solution. “I can not say that we have been supported by somebody. They all looked at this as something normal. As a specialist teacher, I decided to transfer to school and take the first grade to be with my baby. They all supported me in this decision. Especially my husband was very happy that Anisoara will always be around me, “says Budan.

Before the girl went to school, she understood how important it is for a disabled child to be integrated into the general school, how important it is to learn and be with the other children. Since then he has been working hard to get them together with other children of their age. “I think I’ve managed to do something, of course my colleagues. At the moment I have 13 children with ESC at school. And we do not stop here, even if some do not accept that. It’s hard, but we will succeed, “says Mrs Budan.

A bad mommy?
Because she was trying to treat her child like her other students Mariana was feeling the worst mother “This made me feel like a heartless mother,” says the teacher. But when her child went to another school and saw how quickly Anisoara joined her colleagues, she realized her primary-class behavior was exactly what her child needed. According to her, “colleagues helped and appreciated her not because she was the teacher’s daughter, but for what she was.”

From the moment when Anisoara stepped out of the school, she had several accomplishments, of which her mother proudly boasts. According to her, the little girl always tried not to stay behind the other children. She was and is a diligent student, but in my mother’s opinion the greatest achievement is that she is part of the college of students and she is happy to be with them. “I have always been proud of my child, the results she has achieved, I was glad to have been willing to be with others, her love for life, her optimism, her troubles, Will isolate herself from her favor, “Ms Budan said.

Differences enrich
Children with disabilities are in a position to fight stigma and discrimination, discrimination that in most cases is caused by children who do not understand the causes of disability. Anisoara was not left aside. According to Ms. Budan, “more difficulties were when she grew up and sometimes were children of other laughing classes

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