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A world where abilities and disabilities become possibilities.

Christmas in the Guştiuc family

Only the simple thought of the winter holidays brings us a joy. The smell of the fir tree and that of the cake taken from the oven, the apples, the walnuts and the pretzels, the carols’ soul songs make us better, more daring and happier. Christmas – one of the celebrations – is spent in the family, alongside your loved ones, which brings parents to children in the mood of surprises.

Anastasia SERACIOV

For the Guştiuc Family, Christmas is a holiday that brings peace and quiet to the house and a good time to gather around a table. Every year to date, Christmas celebrated him in the village of Cotul Marii, of course with all his family. Periods in which they did not forget to sing in the fire of the home, the beautiful, maybe even the extraordinary, the ancestral carols. This year, due to the fury of the waters of Cotul Morii, this magnificent family celebrated Christmas with their friends in Chisinau.

The joy of being together with holidays

“Our family is made up of 4 members, that is, we have two sons. The big one – Iurie is 19, a student at the USM, the Law School, and the second one is Sergiu de 11 years old, a 4th grade student at School No.120 “Step by Step”. Sergiu was born 11 years ago, then unfortunately I learned with everyone what Down’s syndrome is because he was diagnosed with this disease. “For Guştiuc, this was a very strong blow, especially when they learned that The disease can not be treated. The doctors told her that their child would not be able to talk or go. But as Sergius’s parents mentioned, this terrible illness did not steal the joy and desire to love and raise this child as the good God gave him.

The tradition of thanking
The first step towards Sergiu’s integration into a society was to bring the country boy to the city to deal with the training specialists. At the age of three, Sergiu went to the Small Group Homes Placement Center, at 5 he went to Logopedic Kindergarten 175, and in 2007, according to Lucia Guştiuc, “the time has come” Sergiu became a student in the class I and the beneficiary of the “Speranta” Center services. “We thank all educators and teachers, especially the” Hope “Center in the person of Mrs. Lucia Gavriliţă and all the workers for the goodwill and understanding that they have given us in integrating Sergiu into the educational process”, thanks Mrs. Lucia Guştiuc. According to her after you go through several difficulties at a certain moment, you realize that any child with special needs, who is helped to learn, who is offered the necessary love in the family – overcomes all the obstacles of life.

Pride of smiling together
Parents of Iurie and Sergiu enjoy the success of their children immensely, first of all they are happy to see their children with the smile on their lips. At the end of the year, they expect the big sister to be able to pass the college exams well, and Sergiu expects the best results (as much as possible). “Because we have gone through so many hardships and trials that have made us stronger and whatever happens, we have to offer Sergius something special to celebrate. Namely he will make us smile and celebrate the winter holidays, “says Mrs. Lucia. The father of the children hopes to return with the whole family as soon as possible to the country. Because in the village his odors have grown, they have grown up and discovered the true magic of life. He mentions that usually in the winter holidays in the village, his children meet with old friends, relatives and loved ones. There Sergiu went with the caroling, the ugly, and he felt the happiest. But still the greatest happiness is that they always celebrate with smiles and good will.

Big Brother

The brother is the closest being to a person. With him you play, you speak, you learn without asking you to give something back. In the Guştiuc family, despite the age difference of about 8 years, brothers Iurie and Sergiu have a special brotherly relationship. For years they have lived together in Chisinau, while their parents in the country. Iurie is not only a brother to Sergius, but sometimes also a mother and father and “never ignored him by always considering him as a normal child.” Their parents want all brothers in the world to have such an attitude and love as their children have.

“Winter 2011 – the Gift Season”

The boy, although diagnosed by a small child with Down Syndrome, never stopped fighting the disease. At the kindergarten he played the role of a wolf in a story that may have marked him alive because he grew up a bold, tough and good-hearted boy. He has more daring passions: he likes football, plays at the computer and watches the TV. I love winter holidays because there are “many” and receives many gifts (so he testified to me

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